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Visit this link:

On the Weather Network page, you’ll see current temperature and Feels like information.

At 4 pm on the day of the rehearsal, the President refers to the selected weather website (see above). If the temperature or the wind chill is considered to be unacceptable (usually -30 C or lower), the rehearsal will be cancelled. An email to this effect will then be sent. Please note that we will not check other weather sites (unless the selected site is not available).

Road conditions: A rehearsal could be cancelled if the road conditions are considered to be poor or some other unusual situation has arisen.

Concerts are never cancelled (unless it’s the decision of the venue). However, if you are uncomfortable with the conditions and prefer not to attend, please notify your section leader so we can adjust the program.

If you don’t have access to email, contact someone who can give you the information.

Please be aware that attendance at rehearsals is optional. If you are uncomfortable with the conditions, we understand your decision to stay home.

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