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Attendance & Rehearsals Expectations

  • Rehearsals start at the posted time. Please arrive in time to set up before the warm-up.
  • We may have one 15-minute break approximately halfway through the rehearsal.
  • You are expected to give your full attention to the Music Director during rehearsals and concerts.
  • Do not noodle, practice, or talk during the rehearsal. Other people may not be able to hear instructions from the Music Director.
  • Bring a pencil to every rehearsal.
  • Do not beat time with your feet or count out loud while playing.
  • A member is not usually assigned a specific chair in a section; members may be asked to rotate through a section.
  • The Music Director designates section leaders and assigns parts to individuals as necessary.
  • You are responsible to practice enough so that the orchestra can make reasonable progress.
  • Abide by the regulations of the venue.
  • Do not bring someone to participate in a rehearsal without first discussing this with the Personnel Manager or Music Director.
  • All our members are responsible for making our rehearsal space ready and stowing chairs and equipment when we’re done. If you are able to help set up at the beginning of rehearsal or tidy our space at the end before leaving, your assistance is appreciated.
  • Weather: At 4 pm on the day of the rehearsal, if the temperature or wind chill is -30 C or lower, the rehearsal will usually be cancelled. An email will be sent by the Chair of the Communications committee.
  • Road conditions/Other: A rehearsal could be cancelled if the road conditions are considered to be poor or we have some other unusual situation. If the usual rehearsal venue is not available, we will try to find another location. You will be notified by email as soon as possible once arrangements have been made.


  • If you must leave the orchestra, notify your section leader, Personnel, and the Music Director. Return originals of your music to the Librarian.
  • If you can’t attend a rehearsal, notify your section leader. If another player needs your parts, make arrangements for their transfer.
  • In the wind and brass sections, we are striving to have all the parts covered and are building a list of subs. If you can’t attend a rehearsal, notify your section leader. If you know someone who can cover your part, make the arrangements. This includes making sure music is available.
  • If you need to take an extended absence, notify the Music Director and Personnel as soon as possible so we can try to arrange for a substitute. If you know someone suitable, please tell the Music Director.
  • If you can’t attend a number of rehearsals before a performance, the Music Director, in consultation with the Board, will decide whether or not it is in the best interests of the group for you to perform.

Come Prepared

  • Instrument
  • Tuning tools, mutes, etc.
  • Sheet Music
  • Music Stand
  • Pencil
  • Water bottle
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